2012 here I come!

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Well now, that was a fantastic weekend! It feels like forever since my last convention. It must have been those pesky holidays that got in the way lol. Geek Charming and Stone Cold Creations were together again selling at G-Anime 2012 over in Gatineau. The convention really opened itself up to new genres this year and welcomed a lot of new people. Steampunk Ottawa had a huge showing, with panels, exhibitors, and some gorgeous costuming. There was even people not associated with Steampunk Ottawa dolled up in their best victorian garb. It was really great to see.

I took a break from my table to attended a lovely tea party in the afternoon on Saturday and met some really lovely people. I think this con was a really fantastic networking opportunity since I met so many local artists and performers I hadn’t bumped into at some of the larger cons. :D I’m excited to return for next years already — I expect it to be even bigger and better! :D

G-Anime marks the beginning of the 2012 con season for me and there is a lot of new cons and shows for me to look forward to. Wizard World Toronto in April will mark the first time selling in Toronto (and there are some fantastic guests as a bonus) and it’s looking like there will be some big shows closer to home too!

With every show I go to I keep meeting and becoming friends with so many fantastic artists both local and far. This is such an amazing community to be a part of and I hope I get to bump into all of you guys again at the cons this year!

If this is it before we all explode on Dec 21st I’m going to make it one awesome year XD

Kirk out.

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