The 500 Likes Mission

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Okay geeks! Brand new contest for the spring! I like you, and I know you like me. But what about all those other cool geeks? So here are the details…. This is a tiered contest, if we can get enough … Continued

It’s the Holidays!

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Last night was my last art showing of the year! Wooo go 2012! I can say, even though we’re not at the end yet, it has been an absolutely fabulous year for Geek Charming! I have met so many wonderful … Continued

MCC 2012 or That Time I Met Wil Wheaton.

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Montreal Comic Con or That Time I Met Wil Wheaton. Well that was just a spectacular weekend. Last weekend marked my second Montreal Comic Con and it went just as wonderfully as the first year. Organized very well it was … Continued

Summer Sewing Season

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Yes I love alliterations. I use them when I can lol. Well IT’S SUMMER! And I can tell because we just got hit with our first big heat wave and I am hiding inside with my air conditioner and sewing machine. … Continued

Wizard World Toronto 2012

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Back from my first Wizard World! (And my first time selling in Toronto) Jeez did I have a blast and I’ll definitely be back next year! It wasn’t exactly the con I was expecting from such a big name company….I was thinking … Continued

2012 here I come!

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Well now, that was a fantastic weekend! It feels like forever since my last convention. It must have been those pesky holidays that got in the way lol. Geek Charming and Stone Cold Creations were together again selling at G-Anime … Continued

Summer Season

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I can’t believe the summer season is all over and was such a success! Geek Charming and Stone Cold Creations travelled to Montreal twice and had a blast. (Meeting Stan Lee at Montreal Comic Con certainly helped too XD ) … Continued

Hello new site.

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Ooooh lookie a shiny new site! After a successful first convention season in business and with the Christmas season rapidly approaching I thought an update should be made. I’ve moved the site over to more of a WordPress blog style, … Continued